What Social Media Platforms are Right for Your Pet Business?

Social media is the centerpiece of many strategies to grow your business. However, as a small business, you cannot be everywhere and trying can be disastrous. Instead, choosing the best platform or two will have a more significant impact. It’s also a more sustainable option for you.

Understanding Your Pet Business’s Demographics

Before you can choose a platform, you may want to look at who currently uses your services. If you are not yet open, envision who you would like to serve. Even general categories like women in their 40s can help you narrow down your possibilities. Remember, if you’re trying to reach everyone, you’re actually talking to no one.

Facebook for Pet Companies

Worldwide, the largest demographic group that uses Facebook is 24 to 35-year-old individuals (source). The spread is less pronounced in the US but does skew slightly towards the older age groups. It’s a great choice, especially if you’re already familiar with the platform.

Facebook offers a wide variety of post options, though the text and text with- image options are popular. Facebook also offers scheduling tools, so you can book your posts ahead of time without worrying about your work.

YouTube as a Growth Tool

YouTube is a multifunctional platform, though the demographics tend to use it a little differently. Your pet business can benefit from what draws people to the platform, from music, news, entertainment, and more that attract distinct groups. 

The platform is video-based and offers standard features to allow you to control who can see what you upload. For a pet business, you can use the platform to share about your business, from transformation videos to educational materials.

TikTok to Attract the Younger Generations

TikTok may be the newest platform, but you have likely seen the short video platform before. TikTok tends to have a younger demographic, and the platform skews females. The average user is in Generation Z, making them less than 25 years old.

Running a TikTok presents a unique set of challenges. Videos on the platform must be short to gain traction, and what you put up needs to fit with the expectation of authentic content. Using TikTok for your pet business could be as simple as narrating what you did and as complex as montages. 

Do you feel ready to tackle social media and make it work for your pet business? Contact Pet Connect Business today to see how we can help you create a stunning digital presence wherever you show up.