Ways to Manage Your Digital Presence

These days, being online is critical for long-term success for every pet-based business. Without a digital presence, people cannot conveniently find you online. That pool of potential leads is enormous, and it’s challenging to keep your pet business going without it.

Build a Better Website as the Home of your Digital Presence

While many advice articles start with building a website, any website, to get your business noticed, it often requires a little more planning. You want a simple, easy-to-read website, which means planning out what is essential to feature and what you should leave out before starting a website.

If you are designing your own website, consider using one of the available templates for your website. These templates help you create the website you need faster and ensure you have a practical, simple layout without clutter to distract your potential customers.

Do the Search Engine Directories

Directories are a fantastic way for people to find your business, whether you’re in a suburb of Boston or a small town in Virginia. Search engine directories like Google My Business or Yelp not only help your website show up for the right customers but act as ways for new customers to find you.

If you’re setting this up yourself, you will need to go through each service, create a profile, and link it to your website. The process should be quick, though you should double-check all of the information you type in for accuracy. You don’t want to send customers to your neighbor’s store accidentally.

Make Engaging with Your Pet Business Easy

Being online provides another option to engage with your customers and build the brand loyalty you need to bring them back through your doors. That means making it easy for people to find you by searching and engaging with the kinds of content you place online.

Ideally, you will research where the people most likely to purchase your products hang out online before you begin setting up profiles on social media. Once you have chosen one or a few social media platforms, you can create content that people love to like or heart without spending all of your time on those channels/

Be Ready for Digital Native Customers

Many customers today are digital natives, which means they grew up with technology. This fact means they are prone to searching from mobile phones and downloading apps. That means you need a mobile-friendly website at a minimum to attract these customers.

Fortunately, most modern website templates are set up so that you do not need to do extra work to be ready for mobile searches. That fact makes it much easier for you to capture customers from the 70% of searches on mobile devices.

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