About Us

Our mission is to provide pet service providers with an easier, more cost-effective way to manage their digital solutions.

Our Story

With more and more millennials and Gen Z becoming pet parents, customer service expectations have changed as they look for instant information through digital engagements. However, due to the complexities of working with expensive mobile and web developers, most service providers don’t offer a branded mobile app and a third of the market doesn’t even have a website. Even those that have a website, many rarely update them for months, sometimes never. We have a pet parent community and a service provider community on completely different channels.

Here at Pet Connect, we bridge the communication gap between service providers and pet parents by making it easier to integrate digital solutions into their client experience.

By simplifying the digital experience, we enable service providers to improve their pet services management and generate more leads and sales. The improved services translates into better care and longer, healthier lives for our pets.

Hector Ocasio

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