4 Ways to Use In-App Messaging

In-app messaging is a staple of marketing, and it has many uses for your small pet business. First, however, you must consider how you want to use these features to message customers directly. In-app messages resonate with up to a quarter of your audience (source), and not using them means you may be missing your customers.

Share New Services

Adding new services is exciting for your pet business, whether it’s obedience classes for senior dogs or partnering with a groomer to expand boarding services. You can use in-app messaging to let people know about the new service or option for their pet so they can pre-book it when they want to use it. Using in-app messages also ensures that the people who already love your business become your best promoters.

Advertise Promotions

You will periodically run promotions for certain services when you have a pet-based business. Whether you run a veterinary clinic offering a discount dental month or a groomer running a holiday special, these promotions are a fantastic way to bring your existing customers through the door. Using in-app messaging to let people know promptly helps fill your calendar.

Spotlight Team Members

Not every in-app message should be about sales. Introducing your customers to your team, your own pets, and more is a great option to break up the monotony. Sharing these short snippets of a story helps foster a connection between the customers and your business. In turn, this builds customer loyalty since they know the people behind your business.

Promote Other Channels

Promoting your social media and other channels people can regularly get in touch with you is a good way to encourage people to like multiple channels. This increases the number of times people see your content overall, which has positive correlations for your business. You are killing two birds with one stone by making this a periodical choice for in-app messaging.

Are you interested in creating an app for your small business to take advantage of the many digital options for your business? Set up a demonstration with Pet Connect Business today to see how straightforward app adoption could be for your company.