4 Ways to Upsell Pet Services Without Seeming Salesy

Sales is one of the most challenging aspects of being a pet business owner, and you may be in the majority who don’t feel confident in your sales ability. However, selling does not have to be something you dread or feel sleazy about it. There are several options that do not involve directly upselling your services for pets.


Education is one of the most powerful tools available for upselling without coming across as salesy. With this option, you simply share your knowledge with existing and potential customers, whether that’s how to brush a dog or picking the best routes for dog walking jobs. You have many options, from your website to social media to letting people book consultations.

Use Video

Video is a great medium for selling without feeling salesy. With video, you can present however feels natural to you. You can also decide to maximize your efforts since videos can be played to multiple audiences without you needing to rerecord. You can also include video packages as an upgrade without devoting more time to the endeavor.

First Time Incentives

With a pet-based business, the key to converting customers is getting them to walk through your door the first time. From there, your exceptional services and warm demeanor do most of the work. Using incentives for first-time buyers is a great way to convince them that they’re not losing anything by trying your services.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a fantastic option for upselling since they allow your previous customers to shine. With this option, you’re simply presenting your previous customers’ experiences. Remember, under FTC rules, things you use as testimonials must be from real people who used your services or bought your pet products.

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